Innovation Delivery Partnerships

IDPs are a cross-sector partnerships that bring the right people, organisations, and innovation assets together to accelerate innovation-led growth.

F4SG Innovation Delivery Partnerships

Global markets are changing rapidly.

The UK economy is also changing as we work through EU exit and deal with the ongoing impacts of COVID-19. Organisations are, by necessity thinking about what these changes mean for them and actively looking for opportunities to grow and develop from them. Without adapting and experimenting, our businesses will fall behind the competition.

We believe that the North East can reap the benefits of these changing markets, by responding innovatively and in timely fashion, thinking bigger and moving faster than our competitors. In fact, evidence suggests that innovation is crucial to long term economic growth. NESTA, an innovation foundation based in the UK that promotes innovation, has estimated that 63% of productivity growth in the UK in the period 2000 to 2008 stemmed either directly or indirectly from innovation.

Innovation, measured at a high level by innovation activity levels and investment in R&D and innovation, plays an important role in developing a more productive, inclusive, and sustainable regional economy. Increased innovation activity and investment can lead to:

  • new products, services, processes, and business models that boost business productivity
  • additional start-ups
  • job creation

However, innovation requires collaboration across economies, capabilities, and places if challenges are to be tackled and opportunities grasped. Without encouragement, coordination and connections, innovation by itself cannot reap economy-wide rewards.

Therefore, the North East LEP is collaborating with eleven partner organisations to co-create, co-develop, deliver and refine a pilot Innovation Delivery Partnership (IDP) programme during 2021/22. This in response to the challenge set out in the Strategic Economic Plan to support commercial growth in emerging areas of specialism that have significant potential to supply new global markets i.e. industries and technologies where we have demonstrable competencies and capabilities here in the region.

IDPs are cross-sector partnerships that bring the right people, organisations, and innovation assets together to anticipate and accelerate innovation-led growth in response to a particular market opportunity. This with focus activities that capitalise and grow specific competencies and capabilities in new value chains

Through an expression of interest and assessment process, Innovation Board and LEP Board endorsed eleven pilot IDPs. These are seven ‘Pathfinder’ IDPs and four ‘Development’ IDPs.

Through this pilot programme and its eventual roll out, we aim to achieve:

  • More investment in R&D and innovation in the North East by 2030,
  • Higher levels of innovation activity in the North East by 2030
  • A more competitive and productive North East economy through increased innovation activity and increased investment in innovation.



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