North East Energy Catalyst

A ground-breaking partnership to unite the North East’s leading energy innovation, demonstration and delivery capabilities.

F4SG Finance for Sustainable Growth

The North East is home to a unique and comprehensive asset base for innovating, demonstrating and delivering solutions to global energy challenges. Facilitated by the North East Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), partners including industry, the public sector, universities, institutions and government bodies are working together to unite this range of opportunities and to:

  • Tackle major energy challenges and deliver on national policy
  • Drive new economic growth opportunities
  • Accelerate regional Accelerate regional decarbonisation
  • Invite and co-ordinate engagement with partners

The Energy Innovation Challenge Programme

The Energy Innovation Challenge Programme was designed to build on our region’s skills and expertise to address global energy challenges.

Each challenge aimed to identify solutions to energy issues which can be scaled up nationally or globally, leveraging the strengths of North East businesses. So far, the programme has supported 35 SMEs to bring forward new products or services which have the potential to help solve energy challenges on a global scale.

One of the iterations of the Energy Innovation Challenge focused on decentralised, decarbonised energy. The challenge launched in March 2020 and SMEs were tasked with developing ways of decentralising and decarbonising energy at micro-scale, community scale and macro-scale.

Five SMEs put forward solutions which were successful and they were awarded a total of £100,000 in funding to help bring the new ideas to market.

Otaski Energy Solutions

Otaskies’ AI software can be used to dim streetlights when not in use, resulting in savings in energy which can then be used to power the EV network.

The Energy Workshop

The Energy Workshop is carrying out a study into the potential use of hydrogen to power fleet vehicles, and for community energy projects which are held back by grid constraints.

DLAW Contractors

DLAW Contractors are planning to manufacture photovoltaic-powered water filtration systems for use in rural communities. The new product has the potential to be exported worldwide, with manufacturing and supply chain based in the North East.

Power Roll

Sunderland-based Power Roll was awarded funding to develop and test a new type of ultra-thin, flexible photovoltaic film which can be used on buildings and vehicles.

Solar Capture Technologies

stepping up production of its lightweight SolarFace modules, which can generate energy in low light levels and in a range of locations.


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